131124 [Star of the Week] The Super Junior-Owned Businesses You Want to Hit Up


Singers. Actors. Comedians. And now businessmen.

After being under the limelight since 2005, the Super Junior members have saved enough money to start out their own little projects on the side, opening stores, restaurants, and cafes.

Not all the members have their own businesses, but for the ones that do, their places have become must-go-to places for fans when visiting Korea.

Choi Siwon’s Twosome Place

Although this one was only a pop-up and isn’t there anymore, we decided to include it anyways,

Choi Siwon opened up a Twosome Place cafe right in the smack of Myungdong, one of the busiest shopping districts in Korea. As the area attracts a lot of tourists, as well as hallyu fans, it was a brilliant idea for Choi Siwon to open up a branch right there.

For those who missed out, the Twosome Place is said to have been covered with large posters of…

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